Hazel was Born January 27, 2012 in Ontario.

Hazel has made a great addition to our family, and our Newf family wouldn’t be the same with out her!

Hazel loves riding around in our utility vehicles and spending long days at the river laying under the umbrella watching over the kids.

Hazel has been tested for her hips and elbows, and weighs approximately 120lbs.


Belle is a puppy we raised from our home.

She was born on Thanksgiving, October 13, 2014, from a litter of 12!  Her parents are Bear and Hazel.

Belle is super social and very smart.

Belle loves retrieving things from the water and bath time. She loves kids but still knocks them over unintentionally at times not realizing her size.

Belle is over 100lbs and still growing.

We plan to breed Belle and Oscar in late 2016/ 2017 once health testing has been cleared.


Lucy is a puppy we raised from our home.

Lucy is also from the October 13, 2014 Thanksgiving litter of 12. Her full sister is Belle and parents are Hazel and Bear.

Lucy is definitely a black version of her Mom with a nice blocky head and a very sweet calm demeanor that she’s had right from the beginning. It’s hard to believe she’s even a puppy with how mature she acts!

Lucy is smaller than Belle weighing about 90lbs and still growing.

We also plan to breed Oscar and Lucy in late 2016/2017 once health testing has been cleared.

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